About London Review of Cakes

Conceived based on the title alone, London Review of Cakes came into being in June 2010.

My aim was to share my love for cakes, style and general whimsy in a friendly, girly way.

I wanted to create my stamp on the blog world, however small it might be and thought sharing my passions - sweet things and sweet images would be the key. 

Inspired by, but not wanting to be, a style blog (a body that likes cake is not compatible with a body that looks great in photos) I wanted to try to create an evocative and silly world where sweet is everything, as well as giving you some ideas of good places to go to and eat cake.

So, sitting somewhere between a food blog and a style blog (pending massive photographic improvements) I hope this lifts your day a little.

I'm Ellie - I work in fashion retail buying by day, but a day dreamer with a sweet tooth by night. As on the front page, I'll opt for anything From innocent little cupcakes to wickedly rich chocolate tortes I'll go for anything (except a fruit cake).

I also love photography, fashion (but hate shopping), cycling, day dreaming, getting away form it all, London and music.

I'm a vegetarian but eat the occasional bit of fish.

I'm married to the delicious Joss.

I like intelligent fiction and low-brow TV. I am a massive fan of True Blood and will talk about it with anyone willing at any opportunity. Also on the viewing radar are comedies like Peep Show and Father Ted, imports like The Wire and Mad Men and total trash like all that crap BBC3 keeps introducing - Don't Tell the Bride and Snog, Marry, Avoid. I love it

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