Tuesday, 25 May 2010


Welcome to the inaugral posting. London Review of Cakes was an idea bourne out of the fact that i do very much love cake, but also that London is full of so many wonderful places to eat them, whose owners lavish such time and detail not only into the cooking, but also into the presentation and the detail - the plates, the signage, the quality of drinks on offer. Really it should be called the London Review of Lazy Saturdays.

Some of my favourites are some of the best known - Ottolenghi is downright delicious, the piled cakes, meringues and bagged up savouries, not to mention their fantastic salads are enough to make you salivate by the time you're halfway up Upper Street. Everyone loves the Hummingbird too - in fact my wedding cupcakes came from their South Kensington branch. Now they've opened up in Soho and their seemingly innocent little cakes are now only a cycle ride away. All of these are such a visual delight that it seems a shame to review them until I can do them full photographic justice.

Another favourite is Victoria Park's Loafing - the cakes are good but the setting is awesome. The gold plated china, chandeliers, and mismatched cake stands make this a great little place to go for tea and cakes, and all the better when followed up by a tasting session at Bottle Apostle down the road.

Loafing Café
Originally uploaded by EVERYDAYLIFEMODERN

Loafing Café
Originally uploaded by EVERYDAYLIFEMODERN

But I want this blog to be more than just cakes, I also want to use it to share my passion for photography, design, literature, cooking and anything else that's equally lovely. So I'm hoping to be able to bring you some of the best window shopping, interiors and shoots too as well as share some of my own stuff.

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