Friday, 3 December 2010

cupcake club: the event

So, to some pictures from the cupcake club meet itself.


Unfortunately marred by the tube strike, the turnout was pretty tight but everyone who came along was lovely - there was Anne from I heart Cupcakes and Manny, Kelly from An American Cupcake in London and Marcus, who came along bearing extremely delicious brandy snaps and also very kindly bought me a pint of Blue Moon.

We ate cakes, we talked about the Walking Dead and moaned about TFL and afterwards I felt like I never wanted to eat a cake again (I soon recovered from that).

Firstly Kelly made both mulled wine and gingerbread cupcakes, aside from the sweet gingerbread men the cakes were delish. Even Mr LROC liked them and he only likes fruit cake. Anne's caramel and Bailey's cakes with a soft centre and Quality Street on the top were amazing and just the thing for a pre-Christmas get together. Also, suitably festive were her sprout cakes which won a prize for most novel cake at Cupcake Camp. Although tasting much more like a carrot cake and the cake itself being delicious, I couldn't shake the knowledge that I was eating sprouts, but well worth a try.

On that note it will be fab to meet up again, and hopefully some more cake bloggers too.


  1. thanks again for coming! Jealous of your photo skills!

  2. Ellie it was lovely to meet you and thanks for the cakes and the gorgeous pics! We went to Hummingbird today and Manny was talking about how much he loved your black bottoms, again!
    Hope to enjoyed the Walking Dead when you got home

  3. It was awesome, starting to really go somewhere now. Until this week didnt really care about any of the characters other than Egg.


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