Friday, 4 June 2010

euphorium bakery. upper street

Originally uploaded by Ellieaness

Originally uploaded by Ellieaness

I'd walked past Euphorium countless times before and each time made a mental note to enter and sample and this bank holiday Monday I finally decided to give a whirl. Alain De Botton says that part of the fun of a holiday is the preparation and anticipation, the research and the carefully planned shopping trips and I had treated this proposed mission with the same fervour. Reading reviews and enjoying their very slickly designed and indeed beautiful website I felt I was fully prepared for my first true London review.
I arrived and began to snap away at the exterior including some banner about how they were revolutionising british baking, by which I presume they meant that they weren't making pies not made solely of lard as per that great British chain Gregs. Nothing new there then.
The interior was equally as pleasing. I was met with the pungent aroma of expensively brewed coffee. Next step would be to document the plentiful and attractive selection of cakes before selecting a tasty morsel to sample. This is when I realised they were almost completely sold out, just one chocolate eclair and some continental looking things remaining in the counter.
As you can imagine this is not the kind of cake related behaviour that LROC condones or expects so I left and spent the calories on a pint of Doom Bar instead, which I heartily recommend.
Euphorium, I'll excuse you this time as I'm guesing cautious baking applies on bank holiday Mondays but if I catch you doing it again this flirtation is over.

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