Thursday, 17 June 2010

melt chocolates

Recently, I was lucky enough to be given a box of Melt chocolates.

I was excited when I opened the box as we normally get Godiva hastily purchased at the airport (not that I'm complaining) but instead we were greeted with Melt's UK-made, beautifully packaging artisanal loveliness.

On further inspection what was initially thought to be a box of chunky chocolate lollies turned out to be a collection of luxurious, single origin drinking chocolates. The concept is simple - heat up milk (or cream it suggests!) and dunk the chocolate-y cube in until it melts - then stir with the stick. Having experienced many a lumpy, bitter submarino in Argentina and Uruguay I wasn't holding out much hope but it turned out to be better than I could possibly imagine. The chocolate melts into the milk perfectly, and the cocoa rich chocolate lollipop turns into a creamy and rich hot choc which far exceeds those made from powdery cocoa.

I'd seen these in LIberty, and according to the company's website they are £2 each. Which is about the same price as the kiddie's hot choc in Starbucks or any other high street coffee chain.

They do also make standard bars of chocolate, mouth wateringly considered flavours like orange and cardamon and sea salted caramel. I'm quite partial to Montezuma's rice crispy bar and Melt's take - the popcorn bar - looks downright delicious too.

They do do lollies, if you're looking for them too. They just look like this.

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