Monday, 19 July 2010

lovely macarons

I had been doing a bit of research into Macarons and had found these fantastic images and had to share. I'm not sure what it is about French macarons, maybe it's the dizzying variety of colours, the firm bite which yields into smooth ganache, the crazy flavour combinations or just the sense that they are some kind of exotic Parisian treat, but they are divine - as much a treat for the eyes as for the tongue.

I'd been intending to visit Laduree's London tea shop, but in the meantime I came across the legendary Pierre Herme, who at the beginning of 2010 (hello, where have I been - working in ruddy Oval that's where!) opened a counter in Selfridges. The flavour combinations sound like heaven made flesh - the famed salted caramel will feed my desire for a Reese's substitute; the chocolate and passion fruit simply exquisite. These are macarons like Rococco are chocolates...

So I intend to try it out for myself, instead of salivating over Flickr's many images, in just over a week.

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Inside the macarons
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  1. Hello - found you via Frock and Roll and just wanted to say that you have the most marvellous blog name ever! And I love macarons too - though I'd somehow missed the news about Pierre Herme. I think I might have to take a bit of a detour home one night in order to check it out....

  2. Thanks - I haven't tried them out yet but hopefully this time next week!


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