Thursday, 17 February 2011

ottolenghi - islington

My love for Ottolenghi goes all the way back to when I was a student at Kingston University and doing an internship with a now gone bust fashion label. The owner, at the time on maternity leave brought in some cakes which were some of the most delicious I've ever tasted - a bitter sweet chocolate tart and some gorgeous fruit patisserie. Where had these cakes come from? All that was left was a small piece of the sticker used to seal the box.

When I finally moved to central London about four years ago I happened to be walking past and the penny dropped. Ever since Ottolenghi has been a go to venue for fantastic, delicious cakes and the most wonderful salads too.

I want to do the place full credit, with multiple pictures of the spectacular theatre they create with their food but in the meantime I'll have to describe it cake by cake.

Today I happened to have a little wander in Islington, a day off work prompted a visit to Paul A Young and then a jaunt further up Upper Street.

Although, at nearly 5pm, they were tidying away the selection of cakes still looked fantastic. The chocolate cupcake, complete with a generous dollop of mascapone caught my eye; dusted with cocoa, it looked more like a torte than any run of the mill cupcake.

I've never, ever had a cake from Ottolenghi's which disappointed and this was no exception - goey and with a moist centre, this was the most exquisite of cupcakes and comes highly recommended. It required a fork, after an attempt at hand eating left me covered in chocolate.

Also recommended are the brownies, the baileys cake, the flourless sponge cake, the other cupcakes, the tarts... You get the idea.

Back soon with a full post.


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  1. I'm looking forward for the full post about Ottolenghi. This place has ever been amazing. I hope they will never disappoint me.
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