Saturday, 5 February 2011

an update

I thought it was only fair to post a quick update here about what I've been up to lately.

Firstly, although I originally planned to diet my way through January I failed miserably. In fact after five days of eating tuna omelettes on the attach phase of the Dukan diet I found myself on a wild goose chase in and around a freezing, rainy Oxford Circus and had to get myself a sandwich from Pret, in fact I had their posh cheddar and pickle and a millionaires shortbread, both of which tasted divine and the damp, miserable, hungry me was suddenly revived.

Secondly, I've started a new job; it's been flat out busy and I've been stupidly tired. I've snuck some supermarket cakage in but nothing really to blog about. I've gone flat out against my mantra that if it's not worth getting fat for then don't eat it. A trip to Ottolenghi or similar will soon sort that out.

And then the most exciting development is that I've finally launched my photography website. I've wondered for a while if I could make a little money out of it, I've had really positive feedback from family and friends so I've set up a blog to track my journey. I'm looking to build my portfolio too and looking for anyone who wants a free photoshoot, or to pose for portraits.

Currently I'm planning a couples shoot with my friends Tilly and Lee, which will hopefully be fun and creative, and then one to help my good friend Kathy of 5678 Vintage to promote the work she does selling vintage clothing and accessories.

So please pop over there and say Hi. I just need to work on getting a link embedded into this site too. Let me know what you think about the layout and the design of the blog too, as well as the logo. I'll be getting some business cards printed up soon and need to finalise what the look of the brand will be.

I'm really excited about this new venture but I don't want to neglect LROC like I have been, I'll just be keeping some of the stuff separate; blogging about food (mostly sweet stuff) here, and about picture taking shenanigans over there.

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