Sunday, 19 September 2010

macarons from paul

I had the pleasure and privilege of being in Paris for work on Monday, shopping no less. Although this sounds like a fun little jolly, it actually involves getting up at 3.30 am and parading up and down the main streets of Paris looking for inspiration. I can't complain too much though.

We all know that no trip to Paris is complete without macarons, and having carefully googled the locations of all of the branches of Laduree around town, we completely ran out of time and there was no choice but to buy from the Paul counter at the Eurostar terminal. Normally this isn't too much of a problem - the patisserie is pretty good and the do the best quiches and sandwiches to be found anywhere at Premier Vision and the macarons I have sampled in the past have always been good however, buying of their boxes of 12 minis this week, I was sorely disappointed.

The shells were chewy and cake like - the flavours odd and indistinguisable - one even tasted like bubblegum but was, I presume, intended to be strawberry. One of the fillings was a strange, thick jam. The overall experience was like eating macarons made by the Tesco bakery.

The most annoying thing was that there's a Pierre Herme in Galeries Lafayette - and we were even on the food floor. This has however given me the urge to take a little day trip of my own across the North Sea for cake eating and shopping

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