Sunday, 12 September 2010


London review of cakes has been a vegetarian for the last 14 years (with a recent foray into fish) so to have the entire menu to choose from is really quite a privilege. Everything is vegetarian and there is a wide selection of vegan, gluten and wheat free dishes too and the best bit is that it doesn't seem in the least bit sanctiminous or wholefood-y, in fact the dining room itself, the menu and the staff are all rather stylish in a Soho kinda way.

Beginning with an organic vegan abbey brewed Belgian beer, unusual because they are normally not veggie at all, called Daas. It rivalled the better known Belgians for taste and maltiness.

I went on the enjoy the artichoke crostini with lemon aioli and the burrito (which I was warned was hot but I have a seasoned habanero-liking mouth and found it completely fine) all of which were delicious. However it was the puddings that were truly divine - if only being meat or dairy free meant they were guilt free too.

I opted for the white chocolate and pistachio cheesecake, and my dining companion Kathy went for crumble, which in the photo below looks more like a kind of cheesey soup but that was just the copious amounts of custard it was served with.


Now I don't actually like crumble although I know thousands do, I've been soul searching about why this is for some time now and I've come to the conclusion that I don't like anything I was ever made to cook at School and was then served reheated at dinnertime, having been carted round for the best part of the day in a warmed up school rucksack. This all stems from the first time I ever made food at my first playgroup aged about 3; we made marzipan balls and I promptly vomited them up on the way home. Now I have to pick it off cakes lest I be reminded of those sweet balls gently patted by sweaty chubby baby hands. But I digress, and I was reliably informed that the crumble was muy deliciosa.

The cheesecake was perfect - just the right texture and with a gently baked crust. The addition of pistachios added a delightful crunch, and the base was crunchy, sweet and not at all dry.

Next time you're in Soho and fancy a meat free dinner in a great, casual little restaurant then give Mildred's a try. They also own Mrs Marengho's - a nearby deli and takeaway of the kind that makes me wish my office was near civilisation.

Walking back to the tube station, as the evening was beginning to get dark, I also had the chance to complete one of my first 'assignments' from Tom Ang's Digital Photography Masterclass. Purchased at a bargain price of £5 to help improve my photography skills, the first task was 'capturing city lights' so the neon lights in Soho's 'sex alley' - the thoroughfare connecting Berwick and Brewer streets seemed like the perfect place to begin. Let me know what you think.


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