Sunday, 3 October 2010


I'm back - I've been sunning myself in Cyprus for the past week. In truth I thought I'd accomplish a lot of great things alongside the sunbathing, drinking and swimming in crystal clear water but other than taking a lot of photographs I didn't do much.

To be honest, I'm not sure if I'd go back to Cyprus, there's too many British ex-pats and the beaches don't match the beauty of those in Sardinia. They also have no idea what a truly dry white wine tastes like!

On the plus side some bits of the Island are incredibly beautiful - one day we went on an off road expedition to the Akamas peninsula, the land rover took us up uneven roads on the ledge of perilously high mountains, we walked a gorge, saw wild goats and drove through a village so high in the Trodoos mountains that clouds blew across the road.

Still, whilst I'm glad to be back in some ways the weather has turned distinctly autumnal, and work looms large.

Once I've edited I'll share some pictures, and I have plenty planned for the next few weeks. For today, since we flew in over night, I'm snuggling down with Mr LROC and catching up on all the TV we've missed.

He has vowed to set up a somewhat less charming sounding blog called London Review of Toilets - I'm hoping it's not an indication of how he feels about this one!

In the meantime here's some Hipstamatic joy from Cyprus.


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