Friday, 8 October 2010

high street cakage: M&S cupcakes

Every now and then the urge for cake comes strong when you're in somewhere like, say, Liverpool Street Train Station and desperate as you might be to find some beautifully presented and artisanally baked confection the reality is that a hit of high street cake is necessary. Good old M&S comes to the rescue in the form of it's American style cupcakes (and the rest of the cake range is pretty good too - especially the fresh victoria sponge and the New York style cheesecake).
It just so happened to be the case that as I was passing through looking for wine and expensive pre-prepared food that the raspberry and white chocolate cupcakes were only a pound for two, so I knew it was time to give them a try and scoff them whilst catching up on missed episodes of Mad Men.

The cakes were moist as described, the frosting was tangy, but as with every cake purchased from the supermarket it felt and tasted a little too perfect - a fabulous bakin' boys deluxe if you will. For a pound I'm certainly not complaining but neither do they represent an exquisite and beautifully crafted treat. The icing was soft and the flavour was offset well by the dots of white chocolate and importantly it was plentiful - it wasn't too sweet and the base wasn't too vanilla-y (the way my baking always tastes, and pretty awful). I'd like to see some kind of additional levels of fun in side the cupcake itself - maybe some fruit or something moist to break up that great hunk of sponge and frosting.

Aoologies for the lack of any actual pictures - once the sun goes down my flat is so dark that anything seems to come out looking dreadful! I'm going to need to work on that.

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  1. I've wanted to try these for a while after seeing M&S's wedding cake section online, you can't go wrong with wedding cupcakes for £1 can you?! They do look yummy but it's nice to know they don't really taste as nice as handmade :)


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